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Supporters in May 6, 2023 Mayor Re-Election

Thank you to those making Endorsements and Supporting my Campaign, including:

#FirstResponders - Carrollton Fire Fighters & Carrollton Police Officer's Associations


43 Years of Carrollton Mayors - Majority

Majority of Mayors and/or Heirs back to 1980 including:  Hon Leddie Taylor; Hon Kenny Marchant; Hon Milburn Gravely Heirs (Sylvia & Children); Hon Gary Blanscet; Hon Ron Branson; Hon Matthew Marchant, Hon John Dodd (Farmers Branch) (etc...  (Note current Mayor Kevin Falconer is serving as Denton County Commissioner and is therefore not offering an endorsement - Feel free to call him and ask him who he is supporting.)   

Majority of Councilmembers since 2014 & Prior (First Elected...)

  • Prior:  Hon Bob Garza; Hon Jeff Andonian; Hon Lisa Sutter; Hon John Sutter; Hon Mike Hennefer; Hon Glen Blanscet; Hon Frances Cruz; Hon Terry Simons, Hon Charles W. Thrasher; Hon Linda Caldwell, Hon Judy Thomas Scamardo, Hon Bonnie Kaplan (& Dr Eric Kaplan) etc...
  • Majority of current council offering endorsement and/or support in this election including.

Other Honorable Representatives & Local Influencers:

  • Prior & Current Elected Officials:  Hon Ron Simmons; Hon Drew Springer; Hon Tan Parker; , Hon Carolyn & Richard Benevides; Hon Buddy Bonner; Hon Tricia Sheffield; Hon Isaac Gian; Hon Nan Walvoord; Hon Ron Smith; etc...
  • Local Influencers:  Texas Tre Williams; Bebbian Wilson; Jeff Claes; Paul Kramer; Jack Stotz; Sylvia Gravely; Alan Gravely; Andy & Annabella Guiette; Jim Moen; Jim McDaniel; Judy Lyle; Ron Chartier; Paula Macdonald; Robert & Nancy Putnam, Lark Tribble; Mike Albright; Rachel Lewis; Bill Kirkland, Sadiq Assani, Sammy Issaih Rana, Humera Kassam, etc...

Babick4Carrollton Campaign
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