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My Priorities for #CarrolltonPRIDE :

Public Safety

Protecting our People, Places and things is the most important responsibility of government - keeping us safe. We must also Attract & Retain high quality people in our Public Safety and City Staff functions to ensure Carrollton remains a safe place to live, raise a family, and grow a business - Live, Work & Play.


Efforts for our Neighborhood and Retail Centers remains a key focus for the City. The Retail Renaissance we have started, exemplified by the H-Mart, 99-Ranch and Winco Shopping centers will perpetuate through innovative program additions to encourage additional growth and public:private partnership investments weighted heavily to private funding. Additionally, our Neighborhood Enhancement Zones must be further promoted to encourage private investment of aging housing stock. Leverage progress and inform Education ISD’s to ensure alignment of strategies. The #1 Reason people live where they live is because of the Schools -- should be baked into our efforts.


Investment and rehabilitation within our thoroughfares, arterial roads and neighborhood side streets along with continued focus on our Sidewalks, Parks and Trail systems through fiscally responsible budgeting and exercising of excess capital funds to continue attributing Sales & Use tax proceeds in excess of FY2013 levels will be key to balance the expenditure needs to sources and mitigate reliance on debt. Infrastructure within our aging neighborhoods should be a continued focus of the Council and City Staff, getting closer to the homes of our citizens and bringing programs to encourage revitalization.


Diversity within Carrollton remains a key asset and one we should continue to embrace and leverage in attracting Investment into the City. Just as our People are our most important asset of the City, the Citizens are what makes our City a Community. Let’s continue to focus on our similarities vs. our differences. Diversity of our tax base between Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Residential provides a healthy economic base for the City, mitigating over-reliance on one particular area - I will continue to focus on embracing programs to leverage our Diverse population as well as programs to Average Down the Average Life of our Diverse building stock which will have the effect of increasing commercial appraisal and the base.

Economic Development

Economic Development initiatives and continuing to refine the “Tools” in the Program “Tool Chest” remains a key priority of mine in Attracting & Retaining a healthy investment level in Carrollton. Bringing new jobs, houses and real property investment throughout the City will influence the pressures of Supply & Demand needed for greater Retail & Restaurant investment. Sound and Transparent Economic Budgetary & Expenditure policies to highlight sources & uses and ROI/Payback for all council decision points is a fundamental and underlying basis of Fiscal Responsibility inherent in all Priorities & Initiatives

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